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A Sparkling Album of Folk-Rock Brilliance from Australian Singer-Songwriter


Kaurna Cronin, Australian folk-rock aficionado, has delivered the stunning full-length album Make Light. This collection of songs – which includes the singles 'Eraser' and 'Hold On You & Me' – dazzles with the lyrical and sonic mastery audiences have come to associate with Cronin.


The songs have an effortless beauty. Like lighting a candle or cracking the shutters, each track contains its own mood and makes its own light. With that light comes an intimacy and a curiosity. These songs do not shy away from the big questions which illuminate our modern experience. These are searching songs, which try to put words to romantic love, family and memory. They find new words when sometimes it feels 'too many words' have passed already. And yet, playfulness is here too, as in the opening track 'Con Artist', making light of words that begin with 'con', or in the sad clowns of 'Childish Things'.


The power of Kaurna Cronin's storytelling is the by-product of a decade of dedicated touring in Australia and Europe. Across both continents he has earned a reputation as a folk-rock stalwart with a songwriting maturity beyond his years. His poetry, matched by subtle, unforgettable instrumentation is a huge reason for his cult following. It is no surprise that he is a past-winner of 'Artist of the Year' at Folk Alliance Australia.


The album is full of immediately memorable melodies and lyrics that maintain a glow long after they've been sung. As Make Light is produced by Cronin himself there is an intuitive balance in the arrangement of the 11 songs on the album. Paying homage to traditional folk and blues elements, there are strings and harmonicas which bend and soar amid the album's most tender moments. There are dreamy folk whispers reminiscent of Angus & Julia Stone, but also barnstorming gospel-rock singalongs recalling The Teskey Brothers.


As for the inspiration behind Make Light, Cronin says, "This album is an exploration of many facets of life – relationships, childhood memories, unexpected experiences and personal development - and how all of these intertwine. I wanted to explore how multifaceted our experiences can be through a spectrum of light and shade. We all carry our shadows, our flaws and our vulnerabilities. But for all this darkness, there is an innate desire to create light and connection. This album is a look into that spectrum and our attachment to it.".


Like Cronin's previous studio albums, Make Light, is a collection with great depth and authenticity. Each album in his discography has seen him grow to new heights, as a musician, as a storyteller and now as a producer. Make Light showcases his unwavering commitment to making music with emotional resonance at every stage of the songwriting process.


With Kaurna Cronin & Band recently completing a 30-date European tour, cuts from Make Light have been mesmerising audiences in Germany, Latvia, Estonia, Denmark and Lithuania. In a live setting, Cronin is a raconteur, a captivating vocalist and a generous frontman, who shares the spotlight with his accomplished bandmates.


Make Light radiates with songs that translate effortlessly from stage to studio and studio to stage. As audiences have come to expect, this new album will deepen the connection between the ever-evolving artist Kaurna Cronin and his ever-evolving fan base.

Previous Support for Kaurna Cronin

Artist of the Year Nominee 2021/2022 – Australian Folk Music Awards

Artist of the Year - Folk Alliance Australia

Best Solo Artist Nominee - Australian Folk Music Awards

Emily Burrows Award - APRA-AMCOS

Roots Album of The Year for 'Euphoria Delirium & Loneliness' – ARBA

Youth Award – National Folk Festival

"A true force of contemporary folk, Kaurna Cronin is a distinguished artist and globally recognised performer." (Out Now Magazine)


"Like the best singer songwriters, Kaurna is both a keen observer of life and a great teller of tales." (Australian Musician)


"Harsh Beauty is a masterpiece." (Musik An Sich, DE)


"Kaurna Cronin has a voice that leaps out and grabs you, taking you for a helluva ride." (Declan Byrne, Triple J)


"Kaurna has brought his storytelling prowess to 'Our Way' melding the sense of love and connection to galactic themes." (Scenestr)


"Think Husky, think Passenger, this album ['Glass Fool'] is incredibly beautiful in the instrumentation and melodies, and it is sure to charm the pants off you." (Forte)

"Cronin's vocals are at his best; crisp but with a warm huskiness that seeps through the fervent zing of horns and harmonica." (Rip It Up)


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