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Glitter Or Dust - CD

SKU: 217537123517253
  • Kaurna Cronin / Vocals, Acoustic Guitars, Harmonica, Percussion 

    Tom Kneebone / Electric Guitars 

    Kiah Gossner / Bass, Backing Vocals 

    Kyrie Anderson / Drums 

    Matt Morison / Piano, Organ, synthesizer 

    Rowan Harding / Saxophone 

    Lauren Henderson / Female Backing Vocals 

    Jess Day / Vocals on ‘Caught Out In The Rain’ and Female Backing Vocals 

    Delia Obst / Female Backing Vocals 

    Ryan Martin-John / Male Backing Vocals 

    Simon Cohen / Male Backing Vocals 


    All songs written by Kaurna Cronin © 2019 

    Produced by Guy Gray, Kaurna Cronin, Kiah Gossner and Simon Cohen 

    Recorded by Kiah Gossner

    Vocals recorded by Simon Cohen at 301 Studios, Sydney 

    Artwork & Graphic Design by Julie Thornberg-Thorsoee 

    Tracks 1, 2 & 3 mixed by Guy Gray at 301 Studios, Sydney 

    Tracks 4 - 11 mixed by Kiah Gossner 

    Tracks 1, 2, 3, 4 mastered by Leon Zervos at 301 Studios, Sydney 

    Tracks 5 – 11 mastered by Mick Wordley at Mixmasters, Adelaide 

    SPECIAL THANKS to Kiah Gossner, Tom Kneebone, Kyrie Anderson, Matt Morison, Lauren Henderson, Rowan Harding, Jess Day, Delia Obst, Ryan Martin-John, Guy Gray, Mick Wordley, Simon Cohen and the Dueshorn Choir for bringing this record to life. Thanks to Julie Thornberg Thorsoee, Rosalie, David and Amber Cronin, Carla Cotton, Dom Symes, Banjo Weatherald, Chris Panousakis, James Meegan, Frank Giles, Kai Kampf, Melissa Nitschke, Luka Kuessner, Heiko, Maraike and the team at Songs & Whispers, Peter Holmstedt at Hemifran, Budde Music and Broken Silence for your ongoing inspiration, support and kindness. 

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